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Innovative, High-Quality, Competitively Priced Hammer Forging Services.

Moline Forge takes pride in serving a very quality-focused customer base in the farm equipment, construction, oil and gas, off-highway equipment, railroad, drivetrain component, recreational vehicle, compressor, and conveyor system industries. We can supply closed-die forgings in carbon, alloy and stainless steels from our forging cells.

What is Hammer Forging?

Hammer Forging is the process of striking a pre-heated piece of metal with a large press called a Hammer, applying up to 50,000 lbs of dynamic force. The heated metal is shaped in an impression die to produce a final product. Manufacturers use the hammer forging process to produce a wide range of components and products which need to be strong and durable.

Why is Forging Better Than Casting?

Forged steel products are stronger and more reliable than products produced by other processes, like casting, stamping, or welding. The forging process produces material with superior strength by controlling the grain flow of the metal and eliminating voids and seams.

The Moline Forge Difference


80,000 square feet under roof in the eight buildings which house our various manufacturing capabilities.

Secondary Services

We have long-standing subcontract relationships with other facilities, such as heat treating, machining, and plating.

Customer Focus

Our focus on teamwork and responsive service provides our customers with unmatched support.

Reliable Delivery

We work closely with our customers and vendors to ensure that we have the right inventory when it is needed to allow for faster response and lower lead times.

Best Quality

Our quality assurance process allows for consistent product development and production to eliminate defects.

Industry Expertise

Our customer base includes demanding, quality-focused manufacturers in farm equipment, construction, oil and gas, off-highway equipment, railroad and drive train products.

We are Moline Forge